There are additions such as the integrated fan controller and memory card reader but little else to make the chassis stand out. This means it is cable of accommodating full-size motherboards and PSUs without any clearance issues. This is a plug-and-play monitor, powered by a standard Molex connector, which makes use of a VGA cable fed from the rear of the case and routed to your video output. Korean company Zalman has forged a reputation for cases and modifications for super-cooled and super-quiet PCs. As mentioned above it can be used as an indicator that shows various information and activities. From ordering to delivery, excellent communication, packaged well.

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Zalman also included an interconnect wiring diagram that shows how all the various components connect zalman hd160xt. Integrated card reader and volume control button. The main selling point of this chassis is the Indeed, Zalman itself zalman hd160xt simpler media centre cases for far less.

Zalman HD160XT-PLUS Home Theatre PC Case

Claiming excellent noise reduction and zalman hd160xt innovative thermal management system, the Silentium T2 Eco 80 is a case which seems to have it all – but appearances can be deceiving Mike Hd160st 14 Feb zalmann Is it worth the hassle or zalman hd160xt you just want to buy it so you can stroke it all day?

This enables the user to easily control zalmzn PC and execute various multimedia software. To counter this there are another two fans that bring in cooler air into the chassis. Sign up for our daily newsletter Newsletter. Optical drives to avoid currently only include Pioneer. Reading text is not easy with a mere seven inches of desktop real estate, although increasing DPI and allowing font smoothing in Windows zalman hd160xt help.

It’s both bright and clear, and really comes into zalman hd160xt own when you want to play music without zalmaj on your TV, which is supported zalman hd160xt the provided software. Lancool Metal Boned K7. We take a look to see if they have what it takes to retain their everlasting promise of silence.

Touch screen media control function. Yes you can buy cheaper from the like of Lian Zalman hd160xt and Zalman hd160xt, but none can match Zalman’s high-calibre product. Ports and card reader located behind flap under volume knob.

Zalman HDXT-PLUS Home Theatre PC Case

Graphics equaliser while zalman hd160xt music files. Take the screen away and nd160xt left with an attractive but large aluminium desktop chassis, similar to other HTPC cases. This is a plug-and-play monitor, powered by a standard Molex connector, which makes use of a VGA cable zalman hd160xt from the rear of the case and routed to your video output.

The HDXT comes with four exhaust fans zalman hd160xt and multiple case vent openings for excellent ventilation and cooling.

In a word, quality. Instructions PDF Zalman website.

The interior appears zalman hd160xt spacious but full-length video cards could be a problem, thanks to the removable hard disk caddy being only an inch from the side zalman hd160xt the motherboard. One fan is provides cooler air directly to the zalman hd160xt hard drives while the other is attached to the floor of the case and therefore brings in cool air from underneath.

This is not a big problem, since you’ll find yourself using it for zalman hd160xt media centre applications more zalman hd160xt than email or word processing tools; the HDXT is meant for entertainment after all.

The HDXT will certainly hold its own when zalman hd160xt in a rack with other high-end audio-video gear. Designed for Optimal Graphic Card Performance. Antec MicroFusion Remote They can never stop the signal As indicated by the name of the product, the HDXT is mm tall and therefore it is the same height as the standard HD Even though the design of the enclosure itself is very important, organized management of internal cables is the best method for optimizing internal airflow.

Let’s just hope it performs well in our stress tests HTPC Home Theatre PC cases add front panel controls aalman, in this case, a brushed aluminium exterior to bd160xt with other consumer electronics. Functionally this software offers all you need for basic media browsing and it is also fairly attractive with thumbnails, transparent frames and large TV friendly text.

This is definitely a welcome zalman hd160xt, since they are so loud when running at full speed you wouldn’t want the case anywhere near you while trying to watch a film.